Our Story

Hi, I am Anita, the founder of The Heart’s Intentions and proud mom to three boys! The idea for The Heart’s Intentions came into my heart during a difficult time in my life. Both of my dear parents were diagnosed with devastating medical conditions. My caring father with heart disease and my beloved mother with Lewy Body Dementia and Parkinson’s disease. It was a heartbreaking experience to witness my parents gradually fade away over the course of several years.

Over time, the deep emotional pain I was experiencing turned into a source of light and creativity. I felt a change in my heart from a feeling of helplessness to a feeling of being empowered by love. I was inspired to make my parents truly feel my love for them. I made sure to lift them up with the intention of love each time I was in their presence. It helped me cherish every moment I had with them, sharing all of the love in my heart.

The Heart’s Intentions is an extension of that heart-centered love. We all have the power to communicate with each other from our hearts and lift each other up with our love. Share what’s on your heart, and lift someone up with your loving intentions today!


Our Hearts

Our hearts are made of eco-friendly wool sourced from sheep in Nepal. They are handcrafted with love by Nepali women from local villages provided with training, fair wages, and a safe working environment.

About Us

At The Heart’s Intentions, we are in the business of lifting people up and growing connections between people. The Heart’s Intentions was started so people could communicate with each other from their heart. Our colorful hearts are a visual reminder of your connection with people. As your Heart Holder fills up with hearts, your heart will light up! Your vibration will be elevated, and you’ll be buzzing with the love that’s all around you! Lift someone up with a message from your heart. Be there for someone. Let someone be there for you. Our customers are anyone who would like to lift someone up by sharing what's on their heart!